Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is This What It Feels Like?

You have all been so wonderful wanting to know what happened to me last night. Sending your hugs and love to not only me but to my baby girl @MommyNeedsMeds. I thought I would just put everything here so that everyone could just come and read it at the same time XOXO.

BAM!!! It felt like someone hit me upside the head, hard! But I didn't feel pain, I felt the *force* of it. I cried out and Grady looked over at me and came up out of his chair. I remember saying "Help me, I'm about to pass out", and I remember grabbing my glasses off my head and that's when I fell over, to the left. It felt like gravity was just pulling me down. Grady was holding on to me, I was telling him I was falling (I was sitting down). The entire room was leaning to the left and I felt like I needed to scream for some reason, I didn't. I sat there, holding onto him and trying to get my bearings. I started feeling a little better as the room was standing upright again. But I still felt as if I needed to fall over to the left. I got up to see how I felt and over to the left I went, almost hit the floor. I was scared. The left side of my body felt so heavy, thick. I was light headed and getting sick to my stomach.

My son is a fire fighter and without my knowing it Grady had called him to come over and check me out. Well, when he got here and messed with me for a couple minutes he then called an ambulance. A few seconds later (we live in a small town) I hear sirens! I look at my son and he started laughing, he said "we do that sometimes just cause we get bored", I was so embarrassed! Was glad to hear them though. As they checked me out they had me stand, and sit both times taking my bloodpressure and pulse. Said my bloodpressure would jump 20 points on the top side just standing up and that my pulse was racing. When they had me stand up, over I went, left side. They wanted to take me then, but I was so afraid of the expense of the Emergency Room. We don't have any insurance. They stayed for awhile and kept checking me and trying to persuade me but I kept declining. I told them goodbye. My head started hurting on the left side which I thought was strange but put it off on the stress of it all, but it just kept getting worse and worse. There I was bad headache, the left side of my body heavy and thick. The feeling that I needed to fall over when I stood up......I looked at my son and said "I think I've had a stroke!" Son said, "well, there ya have it, let's go".

Nurse came in and told me she was gonna poke me so that she could put some medicine in my vein. Well my head was hurting so bad I didn't care what she did at that point. 4 pokes later and she had the needle in my vein and pumping medicine. It took about 3 minutes and all 3 medicines took effect. They gave me something for my nerves, my headache and my upset stomach. I was ridin high, let me tell you! I started feeling somewhat better with some meds on board but still had the heavy, thick feeling in my left side. After an examination a CT Scan was ordered. Did that. Doctor says there is something there that shouldn't be but he didn't know what it was and neither did the radiologist. So. let's do an MRI. Ok, did that. Doctor came in and finally had an answer for us. It is called: Ateriovenous Malformation. The is how I understand it, the veins and vessels in your brain get all jumbled together and make a "nest". They can misfire and cause all kinds of trouble, including fatal strokes. Well I guess mine misfired. Oh, and guess what side this is on, yep, the left!

So now, we are getting paperwork to a neurosurgeon to see if he feels like anything should even be done at this point. Will keep you all informed. Again, thank you so much for all the wonderful tweets I got. The love, oh, I could feel the love!!


  1. OMG. So much love coming at you. Wish I lived closer so I could come give you a big hug.
    So glad you're OK right now and they're going to get you in to see a neurosurgeon

  2. So glad you are ok now. How scary!!

  3. OMG how scary! Will def. be thinking of you and I hope that there are some kind of meds that can off-set the mis-fires. Hang in there! xo

  4. Dear Lord, sweetie you poor, poor thing. How scary for you. And to have to do it without insurance (I know that feeling and also telling people I am not going to the hospital even though I know inside I need to).

    So glad you didn't stay home and get worse. I am praying the neurosurgeon can find a way to help you.

    Much love, hugs and prayers.