Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Friendship Award

This is an award that I made myself. I was inspired to make it because of all the support I have been given during all of my blog posts and then thru the situation in finding my little brother.
This award represents the person who is willing to always show love and kindness to a friend, no matter what.
I awarded this to @labbylulu because she is always so kind to me, but there are a few others that I would like to give it to as well, for the exact same reason.
@nanny_booboo, @staceylt, @leighish and @sojinkeys.
Thank you ladies, for always being there for me.
And don't forget, a yellow rose means friendship.

Message From Heaven

Well, it happened. My little brother wrote me! He sounds wonderful! He told me that he stays busy with his job (he is a truck driver), he is married...which most of his message was about his wife and how much he loves her and how good for him she is. He has 5 step children which he also speaks very highly of. He was moving the weekend that he wrote me, which is putting him about 1 1/2 hours away, but that isn't to bad. I want to thank all of you who have been so very supportive of me during this whole thing. I don't know if there will be a relationship built out of this or not, but just to know that I have my online friends to fall back on during good or bad times is very heartfelt. Love and hugs to you all.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ray Of Hope

Well I told you all that I would keep you informed, and that's what I'm gonna do! I have received alot of good news this week that I want to share with you. First of all, the arteriogram that I need to find out about the stroke symptoms and high heart rate is going to be paid for fully thru a financial program at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City. I could not have gotten better news about this. I have been continually worrying about it which hasn't helped the heart rate, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. It hasn't been scheduled yet as the hospital has just received the last of my paperwork, but you will be the first to know when it is down on a date!
Ok, I also got a phone call informing me that I have been approved for Social Security Disability! I have already gotten my back pay, and now will receive monthly checks which is going to help out with the finances tremendously. I have been fighting the system for several years trying to get this taken care of. The last denial I had gotten I was told that there was no hope at all for it because of not earning some kind of work credits thru the years? I didn't understand then and don't understand it now, but guess that doesn't matter. Then after months, and have just about forgotten about it, I get the phone call out of the blue. A second prayer answered.
The really, really most exciting piece of good news I have is that last night I got a message from Bobby's wife on facebook! She sounds very nice, but also sounded as though she was under the impression that Bobby and I have been in touch? I dunno what that is about, I don't care, just the fact that I at least have a closer to link to Bobby is good enough for me.
Well that is all of my good news for this broadcast, stay tuned for future announcements!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Dawg...Hello 'Lil Brother

This has been one of the hardest and yet at the same time one of the happiest weeks of my life. Our sweet 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback had to be put down because of progressing aggression. Even though he tried to bite me twice this week, and had already bitten my adult son in the face several months ago, there was a time when he was the most gentle giant to be had. A very large 100 pound plus monster of an animal. : ) We got Dawg when he was only 4 weeks old. With Grady being a dog trainer he was one of the most well behaved, well mannered buddies. All of this before the aggression of course. He was a beautiful red and had the sweetest dark brown eyes that could make you melt and give him anything he asked for. And I always gave it to him, within reason. He always, always made me feel safe when Grady wasn't home or whenever I took him for walks. But when it thundered, I had better be sitting down because he was gonna be in my lap for sure. His bed is gone now, and his food dish washed and put away, but my tears still flow so tremendously for him. His place in the living room will remain empty, but his place in my heart will never be. Good night my sweet big guy. Momma forever loves you.

On a lighter and more happy note, I located my youngest sibling, my little brother Bobby this week. Seems he is not only in the same state I am, but is only about an hour away. Blows my mind!! For those of you who are so gracious as to read my blog, you know that I have been speaking of him for sometime. Telling of short lived time with him. Well, my sister found him once before 14 years ago. Talking to her on the phone several days ago I asked her how she found him the first time because I wanted to try to find him again. She told me that she had gone to the district attorney the first time and to get a pencil and paper and to write this address down, as I was writing I asked her if it was the address of the district attorney and she said "no, this is Bobby's address". Well, there was nothing I could do except cry like a baby. I was so happy and yet so angry all at the same time. Happy for the obvious reason, angry because my sister had known for months where he was and didn't tell me. Not only that, but she also knew that Bobby's brother (my brother too), Richard is also in the state. How could I cope with all of that information that I obtained in just a few seconds. I almost couldn't. I still have not resolved that issue with my sister, but have had time to think about it and will make things right with her. I asked her how she found him the second time and she said that Bobby had sent a message to her son on Facebook. Facebook! Eureka! So, I found him there, sent him a friend request last night, he accepted. I wrote him a note last night but haven't heard back from him yet, but am holding out much hope. From the looks of things on his page he seems to be doing good, but I want to hear it from him. I will surely keep all of you posted on this latest event!