This award was presented to me by Jenn over at momdunwentcrazy .
The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspores others in the blog world.
It was my pleasure to award it to:
mc-mommy, brainofamommy, BeautifulWreck2,
sojinkeys , leighish, Snipermom

This award was presented to me by Ashlee over at brainofamommy.
The Beautiful Blogger Award is given to highlight blogs that are felt worthy reading and to bloggers who are thought to be beautiful!
It was my pleasure to award it to:
MommyNeedsMeds, mc-mommy, and leighish.

This is an award that I designed myself. I was inspired to make this award after all the love and support I was given during all of my *difficult* past blogs and during the recent finding of my little brother.

This award represents the person who is willing to show love and kindness to another person thru any situation or circumstance.